Making the Most Out of Your Wedding Photo Booth Rental, New Jersey

Taking photo at the booth

In this digital age, you might be thankful that Instagram hashtags and Snapchat geotags are some fantastic ways to enable your wedding guests to remember your special day. 

Social media platforms, however, lack the allure of a conventional instant shot. Furthermore, you already know how fantastic Polaroid photographs appear when stylized for social networks.

An excellent method to get these types of photographs at your event is to include wedding photo booths.

Although the kiosk rental company practically takes care of the stand, you’d probably want to make some effort to ensure that you get the most out of it.

You want your big day to be as tension-free as possible. With these pointers and a little forethought, your photo booth rental, New Jersey, will practically run itself. The tips include:

  • Choose the Ideal Spot

Place your wedding picture booth in a busy spot, such as near the dance floor or bar. 

Ensure that your attendees can notice it from wherever they’ll be sitting. Keep in mind that if your invitees don’t see the booth, they’ll not use it.

Your venue coordinator may attempt to persuade you to place your picture kiosk in a backroom or closet where nobody would notice it. Refrain from agreeing with them! Guests are more likely to participate and take photos when they observe other people having an excellent time.

Leave some clear space around your image booth if possible. It’ll most likely have a queue at some stage, and it’ll be more appealing if it’s easy to get there. 

Guests will be less thrilled to join the excitement if they have to push their way through crowded tables.

  • Draw Guests’ Focus to Your Booth

When you rent a photo booth, you have to figure out a way to draw your attendees’ attention to it. 

Starting the picture booth is similar to initiating a dance party but much more manageable! Begin the booth fun with your MC or DJ, wedding party, and loved ones, and more guests will immediately follow.

Place signs and reminders within your venue to inform attendees of the image booth’s location and motivate them to use it. 

You can consider creating a visually appealing photo booth that’ll draw your attendees’ attention on its own. Furthermore, you can brightly light the area and customize the backdrop to your wedding’s theme. 

You want your event photo kiosk to be another feature of your wedding reception that people notice and exclaim, “Wow!”

Wedding photo booth bride and groom

  • Create a One-of-a-Kind Photo Booth Background

Choosing the ideal background for your wedding picture booth is crucial. It should be gorgeous and eye-catching because it’ll be in every photograph.

Your background might be as clear cut as one solid color. But if you want to show off your personality, consider bringing the background to life with décor that reflects the style of your event.

Some ideas for an excellent backdrop include:

  • Hanging fabric
  • Wallpaper that is both entertaining and removable
  • Decal sheets made of vinyl
  • Curtains with fringe
  • A flower wall or hanging fresh flowers

You can utilize the natural beauty of your surroundings as a background for an outdoor ceremony and reception. Alternatively, place some frames on a nearby tree to produce a simplistic photo booth setting.

Are you searching for something a little more exciting? For a natural but exquisite backdrop, assemble four sturdy wooden pallets and adorn them with flowers. Reclaimed wood can be used in the same way.

You don’t want to make your picture booth background for your ceremony? Consider hiring a photo booth rental in Jersey City, NJ like Studio Z and let them handle it for you. 

You can also utilize green screen programs to make it easy to add any backdrop you want.

  • Select Your Props With Care

People enjoy picking props to use in front of the image booth and posing with them. Ensure you adore your accessories because they’ll establish the tone for your images. 

Picture booth rental companies often offer a variety of selections or allow requests for specified prop genres.

Props have the disadvantage of being messy, so another option is to go all-digital with virtual accessories from a photo booth wedding rental company.

With digital props, you can have Snapchat filters in your photo booth! Your reception attendees will have a fun time picking out graphics and stickers that track their faces in videos or GIFs.

Alternatively, why not have a mixture of both? To increase the originality, mix and match some stylish real-life accessories with a few digital options.

  • Stream a Live Broadcast of the Images

Do you intend to display a slideshow during your wedding that tells your love story?

You can set up a live stream from your event photo booth on a green screen. The photo booth will provide you and your attendees with hours of entertainment (and laughter).

People enjoy seeing their photographs appear on the large screen in live time, encouraging other guests to participate!

  • Make Photo-sharing Easy for Your Guests

While you wish to give your guests physical photos to retain, it’s also pleasurable to see those beautiful images spread across social media. 

Your event photo booth rental, New Jersey, should make it easy for attendees to upload their photos to the Internet.

Many photo booth rental companies usually ensure that your attendees’ images are transmitted directly to their phones. 

This option allows people to easily share images to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms

Additionally, their posts will feature your wedding’s title, hashtag, description, and even branding.

  • Define Your Open and Closed Hours

A wedding reception is usually filled with toasts, special dances, flower tosses, and many other festivities. You probably want your attendees to laugh and have a good time in the picture booth at some point.

Other times, you may want them to concentrate on what’s going on on the dance floor. Ensure your guests know when your event photo booth rental will be closing.

Undoubtedly, as a married couple, you wouldn’t want your first dance to be disrupted by raucous laughter. 

Your MC or DJ can help you keep your attendees focused on the task at hand. Remind visitors of the optimal times to utilize the picture booth, typically during cocktail hour, after dinner, or after the official program.

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