Typical Features of the Best Photo Booths in New Jersey

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Photo booths in New Jersey are fast becoming a must-have for events in New Jersey. Planning events, especially those of memory value can be effort-intensive, especially those that may likely happen once in a lifetime.

A photo booth can add spice to your event, more reason for its popularity. Therefore, it’s important to get a photo booth company that understands the assignment of bringing glee to your ceremony. A good company in New Jersey must be able to cater to all types of events. From weddings to retirement parties, birthdays, and anniversaries, their packages must cater to all.

There are lots of cheap photo booth rental options in NJ, but getting one that will please your desires is where many people get it wrong.

Essential Features to Look Out for While Selecting the Best Photo Booth in New Jersey

  • They Are Observant and Offer Suggestions

They must be able to bring ideas that conform to your event. Lots of photo booths in New Jersey operate on a setup for all operations, which is not ideal. A photo booth for a wedding is not ideal for the birthday party of a 16-year-old. 

A photo booth company’s ability to take an upcoming party into consideration, and suggest ideas that resonate with the theme and glamour, make them good.

  • They Can Work on an Affordable Budget

Here’s a fact, New Jersey has seen a surge in the number of photo booths in recent times. This has led to fierce competition for clients, and many companies try to go cheaper to attract customers. But cheaper rates don’t guarantee stellar service. 

A great photo booth allows you to state your desire, and ask the following questions:

  • Do you need a dedicated attendant on standby?
  • Will the photo booth be available at limited hours, or the entire event?
  • Do you need someone to set it up?

Based on your responses, the company then presents different quotations and asks you to choose.

  • Reviews Online Are Majorly Positive

There are lots of photo booth registries online where customers go to post reviews of companies they hired. Turn on your location and search for photo booth rentals near me.  Reviews of past clients will come up including the vendors. If the prospective company does not have positive reviews, or they’re not listed anywhere, it’s a red flag. 

What’s worse is if they do not invest in advertising their trade online. If they do not have a strong online presence, they could be impersonating or do not know the intricacies of the business. Hence, they’re not patronized. It’s necessary to check online for reviews on their past jobs, if possible, interact with their past clients and find out their reasons for a good or bad review. 

  • What Equipment Do They Use?

An important feature that makes a phone booth vendor stand out amongst its competitors is the types of equipment they use. Many businesses may want to convince you that a camera with a big megapixel size is all you need to make that shot a beautiful piece of art, especially if you’re looking to frame the copy.

That’s not all true, as a good photo booth does not rely solely on the camera. Lighting and the printer’s dots per inch are equally essential to make a fire copy of you and your guests’ smiles. A reliable photo booth rental vendor in NJ should deliver dope copies for your Groupon to keep memories fresh.

A particular trick you can use is to test run the photo booth yourself and have a copy printed for you to experience the quality first-hand.

  • Ensure the Company Has Insurance

A particular area you need to tick off the box is to confirm that the vendor is insured. It may sound ridiculous, but insurance may be a stumbling block from getting your dream photo booth available for your party. 

If the venue of your event is at a top-class center, the contractors you hire (not only the photo booth but the DJ, decorators, and others) may be asked to produce their insurance credentials. Without it, they may be denied entrance. 

You do not want to deal with this preventable matter at the cast hour.

  • Is Their Online Presence Strong Enough?

Photo booths in New Jersey that do not have high ratings online are not serious vendors. In this social media era, lots of photo booths in New Jersey benefit from leveraging social media. If the photo booth rental vendor does not command a strong presence online, they can’t be trusted to deliver a good job.

No one wants a company that can’t drive sales online, even when they are in the entertainment business. 

Taking photo at the booth

Advantages of Hiring a Photo Booth in New Jersey

In New Jersey, getting a photo booth that is situated here not only has good benefits but it’s economical. It can save you time, effort, and money that you channel to other crucial matters. 

An indigenous company can work with your budget because they have the technical know-how, resources, and time needed to move within New Jersey and get set for your event.

Additionally, there’s always room for giving you discounts, and if you’re lucky, you may not necessarily pay tax for the series rendered, since you’re patronizing a local company. It is necessary to know which company can best serve your needs, and word of mouth from fellow residents recommending a company has also proven to be successful in hiring the best company to cover events.


New Jersey residents take photo booths as a serious pastime for documenting memories with friends and family at parties. As such, don’t let mediocre hands give your party bad coverage. Only the best should be allowed to give you the best memory to last for years.

By Lalaine Rivers

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