Debunked Myths about Pre-designed Homes You Should Know

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Is Australia’s affordability crisis ever going away? We doesn’t think so — because it was never a national issue in the first place. This blame to Sydney, but in other cities of Australia actually have affordable properties that are priced under $400, 000. Australian home-hunters today want worthy investments, but they’re on a tight budget. You’re thinking of buying a pre-designed home as an option, but it’s difficult to be convinced with horror stories about it circulating around you.

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If you’re still looking into it, here are some debunked myths about pre-designed homes:

Myth: “Pre-designed homes are hard to modify.”

Truth: “Pre-designed homes are designed to be customized.”

You can definitely modify a pre-designed house depending on your reasons:

  • Sloped terrain problems
  • Colour schemes
  • Fittings
  • House Fixtures
  • Unforeseen building code restrictions
  • Changing your pre designed house’s construction material
  • Size of your house

Just like any other renovation, it will cause you a few extra dollars, but modifying a pre designed home is not that exhausting compared to the rebuilding a home designed from scratch. It all just comes down to what you need—it may be just a few cosmetic touch-ups to structural modification.

Pre designed homes or project homes are often mistaken to be inflexible when it comes to customization. The truth is most pre designed homes are built to be adaptable to changes. For example, a home builder company like Latitude 37 designs houses especially for sloping sites that you can modify later—you don’t need to worry for future renovations because you bought a home that’s designed to be on a flat land.

Myth: “They are low-quality.”

Truth: “Pre designed homes give Architect-designed dwellings a run for their money.

Absolutely not! Low cost doesn’t equate to having low quality. The new home builders Melbourne has today are just as innovative as your Architect friends. The only difference is that their services can also deliver a custom home design but without the complex variables and processes of designing a home from scratch. Companies who pre design homes also study the diverse needs of different types of families. Even home project builders can design up to 30 types of houses.

Myth: “It’s not worth it.”

Truth: “It’s worth every penny.”

Melbourne home builders can build a house with just $900 per sqm, while an Architect managed project ranges from $2000-$3000 per sqm. Even though architects can design on a tight budget, home project builders have already taken it care for you because they build with standard design, volume, labour, and bulk materials for a fixed price. Most pre designed homes have already met all a city government’s requirements for home building and construction.

Designed modern house by the sea

Myth: “They don’t function well.”

Truth: “Actually, form follows function.”

Ever get in an argument if form follows function or it’s the other way around? Don’t worry because with pre designed homes, functionality is prioritized, but style is definitely not ignored. Pre designed homes address all aspects of a house—from the drainage system, living spaces, solar orientation, to energy efficiency. Meanwhile, style is evidently thought of from the looks of a pre designed home — but the greater reward is how it functions as a home.

By Lalaine Rivers

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