Basic Elements You Need in Designing a Sunroom

large sunroom with big yellow seats and blue sofa

Getting enough sunshine is good for your health. Therefore, homeowners often plan to build a sunroom in their house for entertaining guests in a comfortable and inviting space. It also creates the illusion of more square footage because the heavy amount of light coming in makes the space seem wider. If you are planning to hire a contractor to build sunroom has to offer, you need to know the basic elements you need to optimize this space.

large sunroom with big seats


The purpose of a sunroom is to act as a secondary living room. This is a more secluded spot in the house wherein you welcome guests in to relax or enjoy some snacks in. When choosing seats for your sunroom, you should not always go for wicker furniture. You can choose upholstered sofa and seats with plush pillows. You can also add accents such as area rug, tables, and lamps.

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One of the reasons why homeowners tap into a contractor to help with building a sunroom has to offer is that it serves multiple purpose. You can add a huge sofa into the room for entertaining guests as well as a dining table. Hence, you can dine there with your guests or family too, especially if you want to enjoy a stunning view as you do so. Adding tables and sofas in your sunroom will enable you to utilize it more.

Environmental Control Systems

If you want to find best sunroom, make sure you take the environmental conditions in mind. You have to install a heating and air conditioning system in your sunroom. This will ensure that the temperature inside the sunroom is properly regulated: not too hot in the summer and not too cool during winter. You can also set up a fireplace in the sunroom for those chilly winter nights.


This is very important when you build your own sunroom. This type of room is designed to allow natural light from the sun to come into the room as much as possible. But too much natural lighting can have its downsides too, such as lack of privacy. If you want to have more privacy, you can install blinds or shades that you can put down when you want some privacy in the room.

snuggery sunroom with comfortable sofa and seats


One of the main features of a good sunroom is that it blends with nature. It is like an extension of an outdoor space but have the cozy features of an indoor room. For optimum styling, you can add live plants into the sunroom space so you can have a connecting element between the indoor and outdoor space. Plus, the green from the plants add an exciting element and a sense of life into the room.


When you hire a contractor to build a sunroom has to offer, make sure to look at the big picture. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to decorating this room. You can be as playful as you can using salvaged pieces or antique items as accent.

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