Advertising Statistics in 2022 That You Should Know

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Advertising is no easy feat, especially when you have a lot of competition that can outbest your brand. Nonetheless, there’s a way to level the playing field and even take the winning side — you must know the recent advertising statistics and use the information to create a well-structured marketing strategy. Below are significant pieces of advertising statistical data to enlighten you.

The most important advertising statistics in 2022

Statistics are numbers, and you have heard that numbers don’t lie. To be precise, statistical data is backed by in-depth research, and not just mere armchair speculations. Advertising statistics are real, and it’s about time you find out about them to get ahead of the game.

The power of native advertising

According to Sharethrough, 53% of native ads get more views than display ads. This benefits brands because native advertising takes your search bar history as a basis for showing ads of your searches for you to add into your shopping cart online.

70% of the younger generation are now inclined to real, authentic and genuine product reviews, rather than the traditional paid reviews or advertisements by influencers (models, TV stars, singers, etc.), according to Content Marketing Institute. This is how some true review YouTubers gain fans because they speak the truth of what they think about a product, rather than an actress endorsing a product she doesn’t even use.


The dominion of mobile marketing

According to Mobile Marketer, mobile ads are more powerful than online advertisements by up to five times. People are switching from desktops to smartphones because they are more convenient. With the convenience that mobile devices offer, mobile marketing has gained the hearts of many users.

Research from Lyfe Marketing says that 51% of smartphone users have discovered new brands using their devices. Finding new brands is like finding a needle in a haystack. By optimising for mobile, even brands that are not yet well-known have made themselves discoverable on smartphones.

The wave of influencer marketing

According to Influencer Marketing Hub,  a Google Trends report shows an increase in influencer marketing by 30% from 2014-2022, while there is a decrease in print media. Like a tidal wave, influencers have a great splashing impact on their target audience. Influencers may be famous celebrities or just normal people with a credible status quo that fits with your brand niche.

A report from Crowdtap says that 54% of influencers value respect when working for the brands they are promoting. This says that influencers are not just promoting your brand because they are paid to do so, but because they love your products genuinely enough to share them with others. 

A post by Business 2 Community that most buyers of today are inspired by influencers to make a purchase. This data supports the notion that influencers are effective at marketing products to the general public, especially if the influencer is a macro-influencer. Regardless of the influencer’s status, they are expected to convert their promotions to successful buys.

How to keep up with these trends

In keeping up with these trends, one needs to be ready. Because success seldom works overnight, you will need all the help you can get. With advertising statistics now presented, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when it comes to marketing management:

Update your content regularly – Content is the key to everything in advertising. You should create content that catches attention or establishes a connection between your brand and your buyers. You can do that by hiring content writers, bloggers, and even influencers to do the talking for you.

Know your audience – And, who’s your target audience? Knowing who is who is a great tool in implementing the right marketing strategy for your brand to sell. This may depend on market’s preferences, worldwide trends, age groups, and influencers they look up to.

Hire people who believe in your brand – Because people believing in your brand add an ounce of confidence and motivation to make your brand be a hit on the market. They’re not just mere employees, but collective propopents to your brand’s success. Hiring qualified people for more hands and more brains contribute to your company’s overall work.

Advertising strategies to adopt in 2022 onwards

For the new year, advertising strategies continue to evolve. However, evidence has shown that native marketing, mobile marketing, and influencer marketing are leading the advertisement world for the past few years. 

For the year 2022, it’s helpful to adopt a tri-marketing strategy, namely native, mobile, and influencer marketing, that regularly posts new content, connects with your audience, and rewards your people’s hard work. 

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