The Wonders of House and Land Packages

house and land packages

If you do not own a plot and yet if you are planning to construct your dream home, then you will have two issues to address. The first is looking for a suitable plot of land and the second is building your dream home. Instead, you may look for a Newcastle builder or a local builder who can help you on these two accounts namely buying a plot and constructing your dream home.

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What is a house and land package?

When you buy a house and land package, you are buying a block of land from a developer and picking a builder to design your home. Most builders have partnerships with land developers, so these packages are often sold as a bundle deal. The price is fixed, so you won’t have any surprise costs later on.

How do land and home packages work?

A house and land package Sydney or a Newcastle house and land package is a composition of an independent plot of land plus the construction of your dream home.

The trend to buy only a stand-alone house is virtually over. Today, buying a full house with its own front and backyard is considered too old-fashioned. The new mantra is to go for modern living. Many people now prefer house and land packages as opposed to simply buying either a plot or one’s dream home constructed on that plot.

Spiraling land cost:

This survey largely deals with apartments rather than independent homes. However, it is also a fact that Australia has witnessed a considerable increase in the demand for vacant, independent residential plots. This has led to spiraling of land cost. In this situation, you will find it convenient to look for a Newcastle builder offering house and land packages.

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Two different portfolios:

Yes, in Australia there has been a growing positive response for the oran park house and land packages. With your busy schedule, you will find it extremely difficult to manage the two portfolios namely the process of buying the land and the process of building your home. Each of these processes requires elaborate paper work and meticulous planning.

Effective alternative plan:

On the other hand, the ever increasing land and construction cost will cause considerable burden on your wallet. Therefore, now you have reached a stage where you will have to find a viable alternative. Under the given circumstances, the Marsden park house and land packages would be the most viable options.

The package in brief:

In this package, the Newcastle builder will buy a large plot of land. He will convert the plot into independent smaller residential plots. Now the builder will sell the independent residential plot according to your preference. Thereafter, the builder will present before you various customized house plans. Now, you can select a suitable house design from among these customized designs prepared by the builder. Once you complete the formalities, the builder will build the house for you. Here the builder will ensure that the plot of land that is sold to you does not suffer from any legal lacuna. He will also ensure the building is constructed strictly as per the norms of the local council. The builder will also ensure the building is constructed strictly according to the specifications.

Demand for small houses:

Since the recent past, in Australia there has been an increasing demand for smaller houses. However, the demand for smaller houses was hit by lack of suitable land for construction of such houses. But, the Jordan house and land packages meet the requirements of those aspiring for smaller houses. Now, most of the builders are aiming to bring exclusive packages for every class of customers; both those on high and low budget.

Easy to manage:

There are large homes where only a few people live. Many of the people living in such houses feel it is very difficult to manage the house.  On the other hand, many architects are of the opinion that affordability should be the watchword in the design of homes. This suggests that building smaller homes suitable for the number of people living there would be an ideal option because it is easy to manage such smaller houses.

House and land packages when do you pay?

In most of the house and land packages, you are required to pay a down payment. This down payment is necessary for obtaining finance from banks or finance companies.   After the construction is completed, some builders may ask for the balance installment. However, in some house and land packages, you will have to pay all the installments before completing the construction. Therefore, it is essential to read carefully through all the terms and conditions of each house and land package deal before signing on any dotted line.


In a nutshell, it is an established fact that house and land packages in Newcastle are extremely popular. The main reasons for this success are the bankability of such deals, affordability, easy availability, and the hassle-free construction process. Your interest in any house and land package deal is heightening due to all these factors. So why not give it a try today?

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