10 Digital Photo Booth Rental Basics to Know in NYC

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The technology age has prompted several significant inventions into existence. One of such incredible technology products is the photo booth. Traditionally, a photo booth refers to a vending machine or kiosk which incorporates an automated camera and film processor. This device is typically operated with coins.

Currently, the tremendous availability and functionality have made photo booth rental a necessity in any event. Several studies indicate that since 2005 the photo booth rental services demand in the US has skyrocketed. 

New York City is one such place with high demand for photo booth rental services. In New York, a greater number of people search for photo booth rentals than DJ rentals today.

Accordingly, more entrepreneurs in New York venture into the photo booth rental business every day. However, there are various elements that one needs to note before choosing a photo booth rental in NYC. These considerations prevent potential renters from making regretful mistakes.

Do you wish to have a memorable event? If yes, then consider hiring an experienced and reputable New York photo booths and GIF booth company.

We’ve compiled the photo booth rental basics to note when choosing a rental company. This knowledge is aimed at making you acquire the best photo booth rental services in New York City for your event.

10 Important Elements to Consider When Renting a Photo Booth in New York City

The significant considerations to make when renting a photo booth include:

Photo Booth Company Reputation

When hiring a photo booth rental, it’s significant to evaluate the photo booth company in question. Some vital questions you should reflect on include “how long has this photo booth company been operating?” And “has this company had any considerable achievement since it got established?”.

Another crucial reflection includes the photo booth company’s customer reviews. Typically, if a company has a lot of positive reviews, then it’s worth patronizing.

Customer Service and Support

As the popular maxim suggests, a customer is a king. Thus, it’s critical to choose a photo booth company that treats its customers like royalty. You have to select a team that readily provides you with all your requirements and even more.

Rental Fee and Other Costs

Before hiring a photo booth rental, you should remember to evaluate your likely expenses. Not all photo booth companies in NYC charge the same rates for a rental service. 

Similarly, different photo booth types come with various costs. Therefore, you’re expected to choose a photo booth company and type that meets with your budget.

Accordingly, we offer relatively affordable photo booth rental services. Additionally, our customers are also permitted to rent a cheaper photo booth type.

Photo Booth Rental Duration

Another essential element to reflect on when renting a photo booth is the rental duration. It’s reasonable to choose a company whose booth rental service lasts for as long as you desire. 

To ensure our customers’ satisfaction, we offer sufficient photo booth rental duration policies. All you have to do is to choose the duration plan that best suits you.

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Photo Booth Type

There are several photo booth types in existence. Each photo booth type satisfies different events.  

Some photo booth types include passport photo booths, photo sticker booths, and selfie photo booths. Hence, it’d be best to choose a photo booth type that corresponds with your events.

Again, we provide selfie photo booth rental services for our customers in NYC.

Impressive Picture Quality

What’s the essence of renting a photo booth if the picture quality isn’t outstanding? Therefore, the picture quality is a significant element to scrutinize when making a photo booth rental.

Technological Components

As photography technology evolves, camera and film devices are updated with more sophisticated features. 

It’s necessary to check if a company offers advanced photography devices before consulting them. Don’t just go after outdated photo booth equipment in a bid to cut down costs. 

Consequently, we deal with digital prints, modern GIF booths, and photo filters. We also possess top-notch social media accounts for customers to keep in touch with us better.

Camera Gear

The camera functions as the brain, muscles, and heart of the photo booth. It’s undoubtedly the most significant aspect of a photo booth. So, a good camera gear’s relevance can’t be denied. Just as hiring a reputable and experienced photo booth rental in NYC is highly important.

Furthermore, it’s advisable to consult a photo booth company that has invested in the recent camera gear. What could be more satisfactory than a high-resolution shot taken on a DSLR? The mirrorless camera is also an extraordinary invention.

Lighting Tools

One of the most significant aspects of photography is lighting. Indeed, the photography concept itself depends on light. Thus, a good event planner will recommend a photo booth company with adequate lighting tools.

With proper lighting, several failures, such as fuzzy or blurry images, will be prevented. In the absence of proper lighting, intense shadow formation and overexposed faces are almost always inevitable.

In light of these facts, our photo booth comes with extra lighting equipment to ensure adequate and improved lighting.

Aesthetic and Props

The primary aim of renting a photo booth is to create artistic memories. If a photo booth company doesn’t share this view, then it’s wrong. It’s the responsibility of a photo booth company to provide reasonable aesthetics and props.


All events in New York City deserve to employ the best photo booth rental in NYC. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us for your effective photo booth rental. Accordingly, we’d make your event memorable with beautiful pictures you can always look back on and smile.

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