Importance of Proper Floor Ventilation

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Everyone wishes to have a beautiful and well-maintained home. However, most homeowners give little or no thought to the conditions that may be under their beautiful houses. Sometimes it is only when they sense an undesirable smell that they come to know that something is wrong with the sub-floor, and try to find out the root cause of the problem. In most cases, it is poor ventilation, molds or damp under floor. The only solution to such a risky condition is ensuring proper floor ventilation in your house. With the rising number of firms which offer services of sub floor ventilation, quality services can be easily accessed.

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It is estimated that 3 out of every 10 houses encounter poor sub floor ventilation problems due to poor installation or negligence. The truth is, poor under floor ventilations cause a huge health risk. In addition to this, the repairs are very extreme and costly.

How does it work

Excessive moisture under the floor can lead to the creation of potential problems and risks. In most cases, it brings rise to wood rot, pests and insect infestation, unpleasant odors, and damping. Additionally, you put your whole family at the risk of toxic responses, allergic reactions, and various infections. The amount of ventilation required depends on the type of building and its specific location.

The key factors such as the type of soil and drainage play a crucial role in identifying the most appropriate sub floor ventilation necessities. The sub floor ventilation systems work by reducing the rate of moisture released beneath the floor. These mainly function by replacing the moist air with dry and fresh air. The system is put in place by installing numerous vents around the walls that mainly rely on natural ventilations. This technique is mostly applied by those that offer services of sub floor ventilation.

To enhance the effectiveness of the system, the air should be entering from one side of the building and be extracted from the opposite direction. Apart from this, the subfloor fan can be ducted to two or more locations so as to withdraw any moisture accumulating at specific locations.

Therefore, before choosing any type of sub floor ventilation, ensure that during installations, the system is placed in a strategic area to ensure all humid areas are eliminated.

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What are the benefits

First and foremost, proper floor ventilation limits the condition of mould growth by creating unfavorable conditions. Mould growth poses a great risk and health problems as stated above. Apart from this, it also prevents the infestation of termites, which are mostly attracted to damp conditions.

Proper sub floor ventilation ensures that your home is fully protected from any termite infestation. Furthermore, it also limits any structural damage that can result from the rot of timbers and decay. Hence, a good ventilation system ensures that your timbers stay strong and durable.

Lastly, they help to cut the cost on any damages, which may result from health issues, timber decay and rot, and termite infestations.

Create a healthy environment and home by purchasing an affordable, effective and efficient sub floor ventilation system to get rid of all the dampness. It is the perfect way to protect your home!

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