Homes for Sale in Florida With Pool: Examining Their Pros and Cons

An intending homeowner weighing the pros and cons of purchasing a pool in Florida

Florida ranks as the warmest state in the US, and it’s no surprise most intending homeowners are going for pool homes. 

Albeit great for cooling off and acting as a muster point for meet-ups, swimming pools host extra commitments and costs.

So, before you make Google queries along the lines of “pool homes for sale in Florida,” it’s crucial to examine the pros and cons of this real estate investment. 

Quickly, let’s get some context into this subject matter. 

Pros of Purchasing a Florida Pool Home

You can’t possibly visit Florida beaches daily to chill out with friends and family. Thus, pool homes in Florida are becoming revered daily as most individuals seek a private spot where they can relax and form precious memories with their families. 

Besides this major advantage, engaging a realtor and buying an FL pool house has other pros, including:

  1. Makes Your Home a Hangout Spot

Pool parties rank amongst the top social activities. This endeavor becomes more interesting if you’re in the “Sunshine State” of Florida. 

The ambiance of parties is everything. If your FL house has an in-ground pool, you can set up barbecue and drinking spots. This setting boosts social interactions and can turn your family house into the choice venue for gatherings. 

  1. Improve Your Health 

Unless you intend to purchase a Florida pool house for its aesthetics only, a swimming pool will come in handy if you want to do some butterfly strokes whenever you get the chance. 

Swimming is beneficial for cardiovascular, mental, and overall physical health. So, consider pool properties if you’re scouring the FL brokerage firms for a house.

Remember, health is wealth!

  1. Boost Your Home’s Price

In cooler US states, people avoid pool homes based on advice from real estate professionals. 

Why? Pool availability is a luxury in these regions.

However, in states like Florida, it’s a different ball game as intending homebuyers conversant with the infamous Florida heat are interested in pool homes. 

According to a study, a pool home’s price can increase by 7% under the right conditions.

Notable prerequisites for this price boost include:

  • Living in a warm climate like Florida
  • Residing in a high-brow community where most people have pools
  • Large property with a pool and extra space for a garden or garage
  • The pool’s condition
  • Age. If you buy a pool condominium and sell it after 20 years, it’ll be hard to recoup the purchase value
  • Attracting the right buyers. Although young couples with kids tend to shy away from pool homes due to safety hazards, an older couple with grown children might go “all-out” to acquire Florida homes with pools
  1. Ease of Maintaining Modern Swimming Pools

Most people worry about the maintenance of swimming pools. Although this was a valid concern years ago, the modern pools fitted into Florida properties require little to no maintenance. 

Agreed, you might have heard about wildlife entering a swimming pool and harming users. 

However, modern variations incorporate coverings and lounge ledges that’ll aid reptiles creep out once they’ve taken that accidental plunge. 

  1. Serves as an Aesthetic Booster

Swimming pools are great for aesthetics. A structurally sound and well-designed pool can seamlessly combine your house’s indoor and outdoor blueprint in numerous ways. 

For instance, the multiple listing service in Florida offers homes with infinity pools visible from rooms. This integration increases the allure of a house and, in turn, its long-term sale value.


Cons of Purchasing Florida Pool Homes

Although FL pool houses might seem like “music to the ears” of prospective homebuyers, there are some cons to note. Notable mentions include: 

  1. Utility Bill Increment

If you purchase a condo with a swimming pool, your utility bills will be astronomic. In fact, a report suggests that the annual cost of running a single-speed pump is $450 ($37.50 monthly). 

Pumps are important as they’re responsible for filtering the swimming pool. Without this equipment, your pool’s PH level might fluctuate, affecting water purity.

  1. Hazardous to Kids

Buying an FL pool home can be dangerous. Drowning is the main cause of injury-related deaths in kids aged 1 to 4. 

So, if you buy a pool residence in Orlando or any other Florida city, it’s essential to adopt safety measures. 

Top precautions to take include:

  • Installing high locks at the pool’s main access areas
  • Placing sensitive alarms on all access doors
  • Fencing the pool. Ensure it’s locked while you’re away
  • Hiring professional services to teach your kids “water survival” from infancy 

By adopting these safety measures, you’re certain your dream pool house doesn’t turn into a nightmare. 

  1. A Higher Insurance Premium

Searching the multiple service listing and buying a pool home will see you increase your insurance coverage to cover accidents and injuries in the swimming area. 

Since your insurance firm will shoulder most of the risk, you’ll need to pay a higher premium annually to shield yourself from mishaps. These payments can “bore a hole” in your finances long-term. 

Although there may be some disadvantages to buying FL pool houses, the pros of these properties dispel all existing cons. 

Top Cities to Buy a Pool Residence in Florida

Most people looking to invest in FL pool homes usually have issues with one major aspect — location. Florida has numerous go-to hotspots and before you choose a property, making several considerations is vital. 

Although this might sound easy on the surface, it isn’t. 

With this in view, we’ve curated a list of notable regions you can check out when searching for an ideal FL pool house on the MLS. 

Our top picks are: 

#1 Tampa

Tampa ranks as one of the best Florida cities. Deemed to be a tourist attraction due to its Gulf Coast location, Tampa has made headlines for maintaining a rock-solid 1 to 2% growth rate in the last three decades. 

Besides being a unique tourist attraction, Tampa is the ideal destination if you want a career in healthcare and finance. 

#2 Miami

Miami is an epicenter when you think of eccentric vibes at its finest. Thus, if you input the “pool homes for sale” query on search facilities like Google or Bing, it’s usual to get MLS services pointing towards this Florida city. 

Miami is one of the most diverse regions in the country. For perspective, more than 70% of Miami’s population are Latinos. Also, over 30% are Cubans.

The result of this diverse population is seen in the city’s cuisine and music. People adore Miami music and food as they showcase sophistication and ingenuity. 

With the UN indicating that the Miami metro population might reach 7 million by 2030, the “Magic City” is set to maintain its allure for decades.


#3 Cape Coral

One of the best destinations to purchase real estate is Cape Coral. Located between Tampa and Miami, Cape Coral isn’t one of the largest Florida cities. 

However, one area where Cape Coral stands out in the real estate market is its young population. According to a report, Cape Coral is amongst the top three US cities preferred by young millennials for realty investments.

Besides economic growth, Cape Coral is ideal for small businesses seeking growth. So, if MLS data points you towards Cape Coral, facilitating a pool house purchase here translates into buying into a growing city. 

#4 Orlando

It’s almost impossible to ignore Orlando when sieving out Florida regions great for landholding investments. 

For starters, Orlando is home to many theme parks — DisneyWorld inclusive. The “City of Light” also features top-tier schools and universities, making it a great spot for those looking to gain knowledge and enjoy the city’s scintillating views. 

That’s not all. Forbes ranked Orlando as the 23rd “best US city for businesses and careers.” Unemployment is at 5.2%, less than the national average of 5.9%.

#5 Jacksonville

Jacksonville ranks as the most populated Florida city and the largest city by area in the US.

Jacksonville’s landmarks have seen it attract an array of Fortune 500 companies, including CSX Corporation and Fidelity National Financial. 

Besides Jacksonville’s trade connections, tourism and the military contribute to its diverse economy. 

Tips to Adopt Before Purchasing a House in Florida

Purchasing landholdings (rental or vacation) in FL isn’t just about going through the multiple listing service of your preferred location and making a buy. 

There’s more than meets the eye. 

After you’ve made the regular “homes for sale around FL” query and derived the ideal spot, employ these tips to buy a house that’ll yield dividends in the long run.

  • Understand the Real Estate Market

Despite the array of homes available on Florida’s MLS, many interested buyers abound. Thus, researching the market is essential for detailed information on whether your preferred location is a buyers’ or sellers’ market. 

That way, you can determine the best time to purchase a landholding in Florida. 

  • Engage the Expert Services of Realtors

Although research is crucial during a property purchase, you’ll need a realtor who knows how the system works and what pitfalls to avoid. 

However, with many individuals parading as real estate agents, getting someone credible is difficult. Therefore, we advise hiring those with a REALTOR® license. 

A credible realtor will take you through the best houses to consider according to your budget. They’ll also help you scour MLS listings when available properties don’t suit your preferences. 

A REALTOR® licensed real estate agent going over an FL home’s purchase agreement to detect gray areas.

  • Explore Your Financial Alternatives

Before buying a home in Palm Bay or any other FL city, it’s essential to consider your financing alternatives. As a first-time home buyer, you’ll be eligible for subsidized loans and decent mortgage rates. 

Engage the option that proves cost-effective long-term.

Major Takeaway

Florida, the Sunshine State, is an excellent place if you want to build a business or enjoy cultural diversity at its finest. Whether you’re a tourist or an investor seeking a top-notch real estate property, Florida’s the place to be.

Would you like to expand your real estate portfolio with a family pool home useful for summer and gatherings? 

If yes, apply the tips we issued above to find one that suits your requirements to the “T.”

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