Essential Tips for Buying a Beach House

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When buying a beachside home, you’ll find several coastal towns and beachfront homes to select from at any time. While locating a beach property should be simple, choosing the ideal requires thorough research and house hunting. 

There are specific tips for buying a beach house to consider before embarking on your search.

Some of these tips include ensuring that you have explicit knowledge of the budget needs and requirements, as well as full awareness of the financial and weather-related hazards that may likely arise. 

You’ll also need to hire a skilled realtor with extensive expertise in purchasing and selling beachfront property. 

Things to Know When Building a Beach House 

  • Construction and Foundation

When building a beachside home, one top priority is ensuring that the house is highly resistant to severe weather conditions. Else, harsh weather might wipe off your hard-earned investment.

Consider using stilts if you choose a region with a severe danger of flooding or storm surges. The house should be made with wind and flood-resistant materials and strong enough to withstand heavy rain and high temperature.

When building beach homes, concrete is typically regarded as the best, most durable material to use. Unlike most wood-framed buildings, houses with concrete can withstand intense winds and heavy downpours.

  • Window Durability

Another essential to consider when building a beach house is the type of windows to use. Impact-resistant windows are necessary to safeguard your home against hurricanes and other severe storms. 

If you acquire a beach property without these windows, we strongly advise you to install them as soon as possible after you move into the home. 

The hurricane-proof windows are a must-have requirement. They will not only secure your house, but they will also cut your insurance rates, increase the energy efficiency of your home, and reduce the amount of noise in your home.

How to Choose a Beachfront Property 

  • Talk to a Local Pro

One of the essential tips for buying a beach house is hiring various professionals in different fields. There are pros and cons to owning a beach house, so it’s always a good idea to hire professionals to help make the right choices. 

These professionals would provide you with answers on things to know when building a beach house; how much does it cost to buy a beach house? And other similar questions you might have.

You’ll need a great inspector right away who is familiar with problems with beach houses, local circumstances, and potential dangers. There’s also a need for someone knowledgeable about flood and storm insurance. 

You may want to consult a constructor or an environmental specialist familiar with local construction laws and regulations if you need to make modifications.

Above all, you’ll need a realtor who can quickly and efficiently address all issues mentioned earlier. Someone to support you on how to choose a beachfront property as you make your new move. 

Pros and Cons of Owning a Beach House 


  • The Home’s Value May Increase

A home’s worth is expected to increase, allowing you to gain more money if you decide to sell the property. A beach house is no exception. Your property’s value should rise yearly, mainly if it’s located in an area with high demand. 

Study historical and present patterns in the market you want to invest in before making a purchase.

  • You Can Spend Your Holidays in the Beach House

Yes, one other perk is that you get to utilize your beach house for vacations.


  • Maintenance Fees and Taxes will Add Up

Renting out a beachfront house may sometimes be rather untidy. You’ll have to deal with the issue of corrosion caused by salt in the air and the sand that will ultimately get into the house. 

These factors can impact both the inside and outside of the house, requiring more regular repairs.

Besides maintenance and cleaning costs, it’s important to note that beach houses are subject to significantly higher taxes than other properties due to their high value. 

  • Costly Insurance Fees

There will be hefty insurance payments.

Due to the increased risk of beach-related damage, you should anticipate paying a higher insurance premium for your home. 

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Problems with Beach Houses 

Some of the problems associated with beach houses are:

  • Erosion and Weathering

Beach homes are less protected than homes further inland, so they are more prone to rain and strong wind from the sea, which can damage more than anticipated. 

Coastal erosion also poses a significant concern for many beachfront residents because the shoreline could progressively recede towards their houses. 

These environmental factors can significantly lower a property’s value, in addition to the anxiety and disruption it could cause the inhabitants. 

The concern of rising sea levels due to global warming is genuine; high tides can flood land and residences, disrupt road access, and damage electrical equipment. 

Water damage is a severe problem to coastal properties, and it’s something to think about if you’re considering buying a home in an area.

  • Concerns About the Interiors

Environmental damages to beach homes don’t only affect exteriors. The constant dragging of sand and seawater into the home may harm your flooring, carpets, and furnishings, causing them to wear out quicker than usual.

In homes without adequate ventilation, there’s a significant risk of mould and damps. 

Also, the humidity in beach areas is another factor to consider. The sea’s warm, damp air can cause fixtures, fittings, and even electronics to corrode over time. There is a severe risk of both internal and external problems.

How Much Do Beach Houses Cost?

Beach houses are often more expensive compared to similar homes located inland regions. The cost of beach houses varies depending on the area where it is located. 

I found this awesome home value calculator, so you can use it to find out the prices in different locations. Also, you can check this mortgage rate calculator.

According to Data from different sources: Florida single family homes vary in cost as follows:

  • Agent listings from $148,500 to $49,500,000
  • Other listings from $462,900 to $18,500,000

Luxury Waterfront Homes in Naples, FL

Prospective buyers can find Naples waterfront homes listed at from $259,000 for 1,254 Sq. Ft. condo to $8,200,000 for 6,455 Sq. Ft. Penthouse.

Buying a House on the Beach in Florida 

Buying a beach home in Florida is an excellent investment that can serve as either a vacation home or a permanent home. 

That said, you might want to check out Naples waterfront homes, when shopping for beach houses in Florida. 

Following the tips for buying a beach house explained above can help you make the right choice.

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