How to Generate Quality SEO Leads for Your Agency

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Want to generate traffic and convert visitors to actual customers for your SEO clients? You’re on the right page! One effective way to do this is using SEO leads that will increase a site’s rankings on the search engine results pages (SERPs), making it a top choice for millions of users. 

Generally speaking, search engine optimisation (SEO) involves the use of website audits and analysis; content; target keywords (including long-tail keywords); metadata; link building techniques; optimised images and videos; and much more. Even for those who are doing SEO, it could still be difficult to leverage on these elements to generate qualified leads that can convert to actual customers. And, that’s where white label SEO reseller services will be beneficial to SEO agencies.

In this article, we’ll share expert information on how to do it the right way.

Ways to generate more SEO leads

If there’s a will, there is always a way or more. How will your SEO agency gain the leverage of succeeding in digital marketing? Below are the proven and  effective ways to generate more leads:

Ranking your own website

As you may already know, keywords help rank a website. And, to tell your clients that you are credible, your site should rank too!

When getting good rankings for your clients’ sites, relevant target and long-tail keywords should be used. For example, you can target cake if your client owns a pastry business. This way, it will be recognised by search engines, such as Google.

However, you should do it the right way, like consistent keyword use, specifying locations, and using these words properly in the metadata. 

Google Analytics will give you information about how these keywords are generally doing along with the creation of content. You will also see here when rankings rise or drop.

Referral marketing

“You need a bigger fish to catch a small fish”, as they say. In SEO, you need to have big-time, popular, and reputable businesses or firms who can give you a shoutout. 

As an SEO agency, a VIP client who refers you to their site visitors and loyal customers will be the bigger fish that will help you catch small fishes that can be your potential clients. Who knows, they will also trust your agency to do SEO work for them — a great opportunity to show off what your team can do!

So, how do you get these VIP clients to make references to your business? Simple, you should work hard enough to provide excellent SEO results to please them enough. They will spread messages about your services through word of mouth. 

Email marketing

Emails are an important medium of communication in business. Particularly, emails are frequently used to reach and contact potential and existing clients for inquiries and negotiations. 

According to research, email marketing that involves sending requests and advertising promos will allow you to gain a huge percentage on the investment you make for such a strategy. 

You can do this by affiliating with an email marketer who can make a list of potential clients you can send emails to. With them, you can create the right message to deliver to your target audience. 

Conducting outreach on LinkedIn, Facebook, and business directories

You should extend your reach in advertising. And, what better way to do this than by using popular social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, and online business directories. These platforms are good tools to voice out your clients’ marketing spiels.

Attending SEO, web design, or general business meetups

Don’t get behind the game! Remember that SEO and web design, like any other things in the world of business, are constantly changing; so are the pieces of information that you can use to succeed in these areas, too!

So, attend meetings, seminars, and forums talking about these topics to learn and grow more. You and your team will definitely get an inspiration or two.

Finding websites that were poorly designed and reaching out to them

There are websites out there that your SEO agency can help. To reach out to them does not mean telling them that their website looks horrible. Rather, you contact and inform  them in a decent way that their websites can be improved, and this is where you can offer your SEO services to that potential client’s website. 

Buying leads or email lists if necessary

Buying leads and emails — if all other ways aforementioned are not working out that much or you want to boost your SEO results — can be your power-up button. To generate leads for your SEO clients, you’ll need more than just following what others do and waiting to get lucky to see the results you want. You need to think outside the box!

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Creating high-quality content to attract leads

“Content is king,” and it is for good reason. However, to see great results, you need to ensure the content you create is of high quality. It should be congruent to your client’s digital marketing needs and goals.

So, work with the best writers and editors to create content for your marketing efforts. 

Key steps to generating quality leads for a website

Surely, you will be cooking up a brilliant plan or two in improving a client’s website. So, what steps should you take to generate quality SEO leads in a web hive?

Understand the product or service the site is offering

Having a deep knowledge of your client’s website is necessary. It may not be your favourite niche, but with an openness to learning and familiarisation of important terms, you will create more than you could imagine. From content to graphic design, you’ll have plenty to offer for the site.

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Conduct regular audits for the site

Watch closely the statistics of a website. Is it ranking high on the SERPs of Google or other search engines? You hope so. However, if the numbers are going downhill, it’s time to scrutinise the current strategy you have in place. Remember, SEO has no final formula and is constantly evolving.

Create quality long-form content

Remember, good content is very important in SEO. Short content does help; average content adds an extra; but long-form content is the best tool to providing site visitors all the information they need to make a purchase or do business with your client.

Content is a golden key, and delivering more than what is expected will put a smile on your client’s face. 

Target long-tail keywords for the site’s pages

Long-tail keywords are not just random keywords thrown out and about. They are actually important in SEO to lead users or website visitors to other pages of your client’s website. Adding long-tail keywords should be in relation to the primary keywords used, though. This establishes that the content on the pages is interconnected with one another, providing a sense of unity to what the website offers.

Implement a link-building method that works

Link-building will include backlinks that will support a website’s authenticity and reliability. Also, links are important signals used by Google and other search engines to determine rankings. With a link-building strategy that truly works, you are increasing the chances of a website to rank well.

Make sure the site is properly optimised for mobile devices

According to statistics, 70% of people using smartphones have proceeded to making a purchase after gathering product or service information using their devices. Websites are sources of information, and your client’s website should be a powerhouse of knowledge with just a few clicks using a smartphone. Also, optimising a website for mobile use allows for a more convenient user experience.

Convert SEO leads into real customers

Every user lurking on a website may be looking for answers, ideas, and services that will convince them to become real customers purchasing online or offline. Every key in generating leads for your SEO clients will be helpful in generating more sales for them. Just make sure that you are taking the right steps and that the money they invest in you is truly worth it!